The Rights for Children and Youth Partnership: Strengthening Collaboration in the Americas (RCYP) is a SSHRC funded project. The goal of this project is to increase knowledge and factors that either support or hinder the protection of children and youth rights in the Caribbean, Central American and disproportionately represented populations in Canada. This project features a collaboration of research from universities, government, and non-government, and international organizations. Researchers involved in the project come from eight different countries around the world including: Canada, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Trinidad & Tobago.

What We Do

Policy Analysis

The main goal of this theme is to understand the different Central American and Caribbean socioeconomic, educational, child protection and judicial policies.

Immigration Dynamics

In order to fully understand the complexity of migration experience, we will examine push/pull factors and perform a historical-structuralist analysis of both migration systems and transnationalism.

Different Forms of Violence Against Children and Youth

Across all identified populations, we will measure political, institutional, economic, and social forms of violence as varying life course experiences among children and youth.

Institutional Practices

The main goal is to explore the practices of different institutions in charge of ensuring the protection of child and youth rights.

Social Media & ICT

Research within this theme will concentrate on child and youth participation through the lens of social media.