Rights for Children and Youth Partnership

In alignment with the SSHRC Insight Program, the Rights for Children and Youth Partnership: Strengthening Collaboration in the Americas (RCYP) is a six year project. The RCYP is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from universities and governmental, nongovernmental and international organizations. The project is led by Dr. Henry Parada, who works along side 17 co-applicants, 25 collaborators, partners and 13 universities.

The work of the partnership will be framed by the United Nations’ 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and recommendations within the 2006 United Nations World Report on Violence against Children – Latin American Report (UN Study), both of which characterize violence against children and youth as a human rights violation.

This project has been developed to increase knowledge of factors which support or hinder the protection of children and youth rights in the Caribbean, Central America and Canada.

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