We fight or we flee, both are done so we may feel free – But what is free?

What might it mean? I think it involves a reality many would rather not see.

When I want something, what if it comes at the cost of you.

If you want something what if it hurts another few.

How did this arrangement come to be, that my needs trump yours, and yours trump… I don’t know…

Freedom being this individualistic quality, something that shifts with convenience is a low blow.

To be free is to be responsible, but from responsibility most willingly abstain.

To be free is to have power, to carry influence, but from contentious dialogue we refrain,

Yet we openly discuss this topic of freedom stating it’s what we deserve.

But what about all the people we pass, all the others we observe?

Do they not deserve the same fate?

Do they not deserve a chance at love not hate?

Does it always have to be a system of either – or?

Can we come together and experience balance not war.


Rebecca Loewen
Rebecca Loewen

Rebecca Loewen is a macrame artist and research associate with RCYP Team Canada. She recently completed her MSW with the University of Toronto.





The views expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Rights for Children and Youth Partnership project, Ryerson University, or our other partners


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